To join our ArmA 3 Exile Server, just connect with the standard Launcher from the main game ArmA 3.


On our Exile server there is a self-developed market system, every item you will find was adjusted by hand and no multiplier was used.
This allows the player to reach more content and helps us to find the right game balance with 1850 objects (vehicles, planes, weapons & more).


Our server has over 245 vehicles that can be found and earned by playing! We always keep an eye on the progression.
But notice, the fastest and best vehicles on this server are hard to get!


weapons are valued depending on the progression & market system and will be unlocked depending on the caliber.
That means a new player can’t buy T2 - T3 weapon levels and has to find them randomly or buy them from the action house for a big amount of cash.


Our trading system doesn’t enable players to receive the best weapons or items immediately.
The time consuming grind for items allows us to offer more late game content. With the right balance between all the systems (market, weapons & dealer system) every player can make his first steps on the server.